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Oral Presentations

Oral Presentations

Oral Presentaton

Oral Presentation

Depending on the purpose and delivery situation of Oral presentations can be formal/official or informal/unofficial/friendly, You can gave an oral presentation on anything like conference talk like press conference, a proposal to anything, any kind of report accordingly the working environment. To get the effective and positive response from the audience you should carefully planned your oral presentation according to demands and needs for the audience, other wise you cannot obtain proper results. as you can see there are the following main differences in a written documents and in an oral presentation.

Written Documents

Oral Presentations

Publication permits potentially unlimited audience over time and place Audience generally limited to time and place of delivery
No direct audience interaction High level of audience interaction is possible
Refined argumentative structure Simple presentation of main points
Large volume of detailed information can e communicated Limited information transfer
Precise syntax and diction Conversational syntax and diction
Emphasis on text Emphasis on visuals
Readers control pace of presentation Speaker controls pace of presentation

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Oral communication is a combination of so many skills, some important of them are as under,

  • Outlining
  • Planning
  • Preparing overheads or other display media
  • Rehearsing
  • Delivery

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