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A group of people trying to achieve something. A cohesive body established for a specified purpose is called Organization.
A structured process in which people, act and interact, for the achievement of objectives. Divided into logical sections with links of responsibility within and external to the sections, the whole being coordinated to….

Resources of an Organization

  • Land
  • Capital
  • Human
  • Repute
  • Information

Types of Organization

  • Profit & Non-profit Organizations
  • Government, Semi Government and Private Origination
  • Private  &Public
  • Manufacturing and Services Organizations
  • Sales, Import & Export Org
  • Finical Organizations
  • Sole proprietor Org
  • Partnership Org
  • Joint Stock
  • Private Limited
  • Public Limited
  • Government Departments
  • Government Companies
  • Cooperative Org
  • State Corporation
  • Tall & Wide
  • Centralized & Decentralized

Structuring of Organization

  • Span of control
  • Span of managerial responsibility
  • Objectives
  • Unity of purpose
  • Communications
  • Flexibility
  • Operational efficiency
  • Planning
  • Coordination and control

Organizational – Structure Issues

  • The roles are clearly and flexibly defined.
  • Effective collaboration between units.
  • Effective inter-unit and interpersonal linkages/cooperation.
  • Clear lines of responsibility, authority and     accountability.
  • Decision making is sufficiently decentralized.
  • Appropriate change management mechanism

Systems of an Organization

There are many systems of an organization. e.g.

  • Purchase System
  • Import and Export System
  • Manufacturing System
  • Shipment System
  • Customer Service System
  • Examination System
  • Data Collection System
  • Management information System
  • Accounting System

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