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Pre-stress concrete is defined as “The application of compressive stress to concrete member to overcome the concrete natural weakness in tension”


Main objective in structural engineering are

  • To economize the construction of structure.
  • To use high strength materials.
  • To improve method of analysis & design.

In result of these objectives pre-stress concrete was introduce.

Pre-Stress Concrete Members

It is structural member in which stress distribution can counter act the effect of external loading to a desire degree

Concept of Pre-Stressing

  • Concrete is weak in tension and by pre-stressing this can be overcome.
  • It can also control the cracks propagation & deflection.
  • Pre-stress concrete approach reduces self weight or dead weight of structure and due to this longer span member can be use for making bridges & building.
  • Eccentric pre-stressing is usually much more efficient then concentric.
  • Pre-stressing can control as eliminate tensile stress for a specified loading.
  • The variable eccentricity is preferable than constant eccentricity as it helps to control the stress & deflection.

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