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All forms of moisture emanating from the clouds and all forms of water like rain, snow, hail, and sleet derived from atmosphere vapor , falling to the ground is called precipitation.
whatever water reaches the earth from the atmosphere is called precipitation

Forms of Precipitation



  • Drizzle:

These are the minute particles of water at start of rain.
Constant of water drops under 0.02 inch diameter.
Intensity is usually less then 0.4 inch / hour.
Its speed is quite slow and they are normally evaporated rather then flowing on the surface.

  • Rain :

The size of drops is more than 0.02 inch and less than 0.25 inch in diameter
Flow is generally produced on the ground by it if the rate of rainfall is more than the rate of infiltration of soil

  • Glaze :

It is ice coating formed on the drizzle or rain drops as it comes in contact with the cold surfaces on the ground.

  • Sleet :

It is the frozen rain drops cooled to the ice stage while falling through air at subfreezing temperatures.

  • Snow :

Snow is the precipitation in the form of ice crystals resulting from sublimation i.e. from water vapor to the ice directly

  • Snowflake :

It is made up of a number of ice crystals fused together

  • Hails :

Precipitation in the form of balls or lumps of ice over 0.2 inch diameter
Formed by alternate freezing and thawing as the particles are carried up and down in highly turbulent air currents.
Their impact is also more as compare to other forms of precipitation

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