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Principles of Town Planning

Principles of Town Planning

Principles of Town Planning

Principles of Town Planning

The subject of town planning demands the knowledge of various professions, especially those of engineering, architecture and surveying. The town should not be design only to satisfy the needs of future generation. But the probable growth and development of the town should be suitably conceived by the town planner and it should be seen that the town does not develop in a haphazard fashion.

Some of the guideline principles of the town planning are as follow:

  • Green Belt
    The provision of green belt on the periphery of the town results in limitation of its size and hence, final size of the town can well be anticipated.
  • Housing
    Extreme care should be taken to provide housing accommodation to various categories of the people. It should be observed that there is no development of slum and further, if slums are existing, they are cleared by the provision of some alternative arrangement.
  • Public Buildings
    There should be a well-balanced grouping and distribution of various public buildings throughout the town. The unnecessary concentration of public buildings at the certain spot of the town should be avoided.
  • Recreation Centers
    Depending upon the size of town, enough space should be reserved for the development as recreation centers for the general public.
  • Road System
    The efficiency of the town is measured by the layout of its road system. A nicely designed road system puts a great impression in the minds of people especially the visitors to the town. The provision of faulty road system in the initial stages of the town formation proves to be too difficult and costly to repair or to re-arrange in future.
  • Transport Facilities
    The town should be provided with suitable transport facilities so that there is minimum loss of time from place of work to the place of residence.
  • Zoning
    The town should be divided in suitable zones such as commercial zone, industrial zone, residential zone etc. and suitable rules and regulation should be formed for the  development of each zone.

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