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There is no single universal definition of quality some people view quality as “performance to standards” other view it as or “satisfying the customer”.

Defination of Quality

Some of the common definitions of quality are as follows

  • Conformance to Specifications
    It measure how well the product or service meets the targets and tolerance determine by its designers

The dimension of a machine part may be specified by its design engineers as 3±.05 inches. This would mean that the target dimension is 3” but the dimensions can vary b/w 2.95” and 3.05”

  • Fitness for Use
    It focus on how vary the product performance its intended function or use.

A Mercedes and a jeep both are same for just transportation but transportation in mountain or hilly road jeep has a greater fitness for use, you can also see that fitness for use is a user based definition

  • Value for Price Paid
    It is a definition of quality that consumer after use for product or service usefulness, this is the only definition that combines economics with consumers criteria (price sensitive)

Suppose that you wish to sign up for a personal finance seminar and discover that same class is being taught at significantly different tuition rates. If you take the expensive seminar you will feel that you have received greater for the price

  • Support Services
    It provides how the quality of product or service is judged. This is the quality defined in terms of support provided after the product or service is purchases

The quality of a university is judged not only by the quality of the staff and course offering but also by the efficiency and accuracy of processing paper work

  • Psychological Criteria
    It is a way of defining quality that focus on judgmental evaluation of what constituents product or services excellence

A hospital patient may receive average health care but a very friendly staff may leave the impression of high quality

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