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Quiz For My Grandfather (Chapter 7)

Quiz for Chapter 7

My Grandfather



The Quiz is Prepared by Mustafa Awais and Powered By Ideal College of Computer Sciences

#1. When they went to get a train pass the age of the writer was around

#2. Write said when he was little he remembers sitting on someones

#3. Which time they return home after getting a train pass from a cousin

#4. A girl said to my grandfather "If I were you and you were a little girl, i would give you a doll"

#5. Writer said that his grandfather always keep _____ Books on his desk

#6. My Grandfather was kinda lone wolf due to which he has

#7. Write of the essay the grandfather was born in

#8. Which Item of my grandfather was given to me after his death

#9. The name of the writer grand father was

#10. The boy in the uniform who was playing on the road was a _______ Boy

#11. I confuse my grandfather with god

#12. The Wall on which the window was from the writer was looking outside was full of

#13. The Chinese pictures are made on

#14. How Many number of pets do the write have

#15. One of the writer's dog have white spot of his head

#16. As a kid, he has a memory of toy which he has when he was living with his grandparents and the toy was a

#17. How many miles they have to travel to get a train pass

#18. As Sitting on someone knee writer was looking out from a/an _______ Window

#19. How many dogs do the writer have

#20. Writer said my grand parents only punish me

#21. The time of the breakfast was fixed at

#22. As the servant of the write kid around with him due to which he went to sleep

#23. The Walking stick was from

#24. The duck which was injured due to the stone thrown at her by the writer was later on

#25. The Jar of Water was from


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