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Quiz for Some Policemen and Moral (Chapter 18)

Quiz for Chapter 18

Some Policemen and Moral



The Quiz is Prepared by Mustafa Awais and Powered By Ideal College of Computer Sciences



#1. CKC Told them that he is an employee of a News Channel Named as.

#2. GKC was throwing knife at the tree on a fine _______

#3. GKC was practicing the Art of Throwing knife by which men _______ each other in Stevens's Romance

#4. In the Story Some Policemen and Moral, the policemen asked GKC about his pet, which was a

#5. He said that it is incredible that you have no legal _______ to arrest me to throwing knife at a tree.

#6. Another Term MR GKC used for the Term Knife is.

#7. He resembles the policemen with _____ as they disappeaer so fast after knowing he is a journalist

#8. The conversation between policemen and GKC went little longer than.

#9. GKC use the Phrase " That tree is just a creature _____ to the ground by one leg.

#10. GkC was going to be arrested by _____ excited policemen

#11. The type of knife GKC was throwing at the tree was.

#12. GKC told him that he was ______by profession.

#13. The Policemen asked CKC about which war in particular

#14. He said to himself that if he wonder around little longer he might see policemen arresting ______ for damaging the grass.

#15. As furious as he can be GKC said, That tree barely a ruins of its former self,a wreck of what once a _____ Forest.

#16. Once the policemen realize that GKC really is a journalist they became so.


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