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A new railway line is required or Is proposed for the following purposes:

1) Strategic Consideration:
Sometimes it becomes essential to join two points by a railway line for strategic purposes so that In case of emergency; the army can be transferred from one point to the other.

2) Linking of Trade Centers:
Two trade centers may not be linked up by a railway line. In such cases, a new railway line is proposed between two such trade centers.

3) Connecting port with the Interior of the Country:
A port is sometimes not connected with the Interior of the country. In such cases, it becomes essential to have a new railway line joining the port and the trade centers of the interior of the country.

4) Shortening existing route:
A route exists between two points. But if it is possible to shorten the existing route, a new railway line is to be laid ACS is an existing route which can easily be replaced by z proposed ACB route. Thus, the length of the line will be shortened end In some cases, it results in opening up new traffic way by Joining certain important cities on the proposed route. However, it should always be remembered that no railway line should be made short at the expense of bad gradient or losing valuable way or affecting local traffic.

5) Laying of a branch line:
It becomes necessary sometimes to lay a branch line to an existing main line to develop certain other cities on the proposed branch line. The new branch line will serve as feeder line for the existing main railway line.

6) Undeveloped area:
The new railway line is laid to develop an area which may be rich in mineral resources or other natural wealth like timber resources.
It may, however, be noted (hat apart from the purposes mentioned above, there are cases in which the railway lines are to be laid to promote economic development of the area, even though the proposals of laying such lines are not financially sound.

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