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Rain Guage

Recording Type Rain Guage


Rain Guage

Rain Guage

Float Type Rain Guage
Weighing Type Rain Guage
Tipping Bucket Type Rain Guage

  • Float Type Rain Guage

It operates by catching the accumulated rainfall in afloat chamber or container having a light, hollow float. The vertical movement of the float with the increasing amount of rainfall is recorded on a chart. The chart is normally wrapped around a clock driven rotating drum. In order to provide a continuous record for larger duration, the float chamber has either to be very large or some arrangement for its emptying to be provided.

  • Weighing Type Rain Guage

The weighing rain rage consists of a metal container that houses a funnel, a collecting bucket that normally sits on a balance and an analog recorder (rotating drum with paper). Once 0.01 inches of rain falls through the funnel into the bucket, the weight of the water on the scale triggers the pen on the recorder to move upwards. As more rain falls, the pen continues to move upwards creating a time series of rainfall amount on the chart paper of the rotating drum, which is driven by a clock mechanism.

  • Tipping Bucket Type Rain Guage

Consists of a bucket having two compartments. New versions are provided with two buckets. When one compartment is filled with water up to 0.01 inch, it tilts and the other compartment comes beneath the funnel. This process continues till the end of the rainfall. Due to the tipping of the compartments, an electronic signal is sent to the recorder. If the recorder is provided with a clock as well, the amount of rainfall during a certain time period can also be recorded. The amount of rainfall is calculated by multiplying by the number of the compartments with 0.01 inch of rainfall

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