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Responsibilities of Engineer

Responsibilities of Engineer

Responsibilities of Engineer

Responsibilities of Engineer

The structural designer or engineer must learn to arrange and proportion the parts of structures so that they can be practically erected and will have sufficient strength and reasonable economy. Some of the items that must be considered include

  • Safety
  • Cost
  • Practicality

Not only must the frame of a structure safely support the loads to which it is subjected, but also it must support them in such a manner that deflections and vibrations are not so great as to frighten the occupants or to cause unsightly cracks.

The engineer or designer needs to keep in mind the factors that can lower cost without sacrificing the strength, e.g., the use of standard-size members, simple connections, etc

Designers and engineers need to understand fabrication methods, and should try to fit their work to the fabrication facilities available.

The more the designer knows about the problems, tolerances, and clearances in shop and field the more probable it is that reasonable, practical, and economical designs will be produced.

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