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Road Maintenance

Road Maintenance

Road Maintenance

Road Maintenance

Maintenance operations on flexible pavements fall into three categories

v  Surface dressing to seal cracksand improve skid resistance
v  Overlaying to extend the life of the road and to meet increased traffic demand.
v  Reconstruction involving surface and base.

Pot Holes (Road Maintenance)

Pot Holes

Pot Holes

Path repairs are done when localized pot holes are developed on the surface of the road. For repair the area of pot holes is marked in rectangular shape on the surface of the road. The marked area then cut to sound base in rectangular shape and all the effected material is removed. A priming coat (painting) of suitable primer is applied. The hole is then filled with premix and compacted. The finish surface of pot hole should be kept slightly higher than the original level to allow the furthere compaction under traffic.

Surface Treatment (Road Maintenance)

When excess bitumen is used, the surface of the bitumen road may  be spoiled by bleeding or fatty surfaces. This may cause rutting ir waving of the road surface during summer such a trouble can ve rectified by spreading stone grit on the surface so that excess bitumen gets asorbed by it.
If quantity of bitumen used us less than the required surface is called lean surface particle come out due to poor bond with traffic movement.
Such a surface can be renewed by applying seal coat or renewal coat.

Corrugation Ruts and Wavy Surfaces

Thee waves, corrugation or ruts once developed cannot be completely eliminated, to obtain a leveled smooth surface of the road, another 2”-3” surface layer applied to it may solve the problem but only temporarily, it is seen that these defects develop again after lapse of some time, discover cause first then repair it.

  • If the cause is excess m.c provide sub surface drainage system.
  • If defective rolling the complete reconstruction of pavement.
  • If soil in the sub-grade is expansive modify or replace i.


Resurfacing is done if the existing pavement surface has totally worn out or crack developed. Resurfacing operation consist of cleaning of road, applying bitumen, applying grit and lastly rolling

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