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SEO Tips

SEO Tips

SEO Tips

SEO Tips

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is so important for the web site or blog to rank in the Google, Google  is no 1 search engine in the world, so I am going to tell you the tips of SEO of all the time. These SEO tips are the most effective tips of all the time, after adopting these tips you will definitely get rank in Google as soon as possible.Every Blogger should know these SEO Tips.

SEO Tips

There are the following SEO tips of all the time:

Keyword Research

One of the most important tip from SEO tips is keyword research  when you select the topic on which you are going to write you have to do some keyword research using google keyword tool to find the suitable title for your post/article.

New/Fresh Content

Without fresh and new content you can’t rank because there are lot of articles on the Google on every topic, and search engine loves new/fresh contents so you must write new content that no one has written before, in other words you have to write a unique content.

Unique Page Titles

The title of your content should be unique, surprising and accurate. It should easily be understand by user and search engine as well.

Site Design and Navigation

Unless you’re an experienced web design professional, it’s unlikely that you’ve given more than a passing thought to your site’s design and/or navigational structure.

Length of Article

The article should contain 300-500 words, and you have to use you title in the content within 4-5%, means that when you write 100 words the title should be written 4-5 times. It is a good density of use of title in the blog.

Meta Description

It also provides an overview of your site to the search engines, write an appropriate description for each page. Please do not use the same description for each page

Use images

It is necessary to use an image on the articles, optimize, when you use an image you related to the page and send it it must be placed file name is great, you must have all tribute title.

Bold Words

If you feel, to be more attractive than boldness of words of some important words catch the eve of the user.

Social Media Marketing

Also, let improve the page rank of your and get back links from social sites as these will help you get more traffic to your site to the site of social networks most popular when you submit, please send your articles to all social media sites.

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