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Slum Clearance

Slum Clearance

Slum Clearence

Slum Clearence

The process of improving the existing conditions of slums is known as the slum clearness and the main four objects of taking up slums clearance programmers can be enumerated as follows

  • To bring down the disparity in living standards of the people of various people classes
  • To prevent the occurrence of epidemics in the town or city
  • To provide the absolute basic minimum standards of essential amenities for the healthy living
  • To remove the ugly spots or slums from the map of town or city

Following are two methods by which slum clearance programmers can be effected

  1. Complete Removal Method
  2. Improvement Method

1)Complete Removal Method

In this method the ill constructed houses are demolished and only those which are really good are retained the open spaces left are used for widening of roads, providing recreation groundsor building new houses of approves standards

For the selection of the slums areas for clearance as against improvement, the following two important factors should be considered

a)     The degree of public health hazards involved
b)     The economic potential of the land

2)Improvement Method

If the houses are fairly good certain steps such as improvement of the streets system filling up of low ground modification of drainage arrangement removal of obstructing structure etc may be taken up to implement slum clearance scheme

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