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Solid Waste Removal

Solid Waste Removal

Solid Waste Removal

Solid Waste Removal

Collection of Solid Waste Removal

Collection methods it includes pickup from storage units and hauled it into disposal sites or transfer station or for further processing
Two types of system are used

  • Hauled system
  • Stationary system

Transfer of Solid Waste

Solid waste collector is small vehicle is to transfer waste into large vehicles.
Transfer satiation are needed when disposal sites are at long distances and vehicles are small in size.
Transfer station should be located to avoid public inconvenience and environmental degradation

Transportation of Solid Waste

Transport of the wastes for solid waste removal, usually over long distances, to a processing or disposal site.
Waste Management can transport solid waste through a variety of transportation modes from traditional front-end and roll-off containers to compactor and residential collection service.
Types and kinds of transportation for solid waste:

  • Dump trucks for contaminated soils
  • Tankers and vacuum trucks for liquid and semi-solid waste
  • Intermodal and gondola railroad transport for containerized waste and contaminated soils
  • Live floor trailers for compacted or top loaded solid waste
  • Flatbeds and dry van trailers for drum handling
  • Container and roll off chassis

Transportation Equipment for solid waste removal

The size, type and amount of equipment required at sanitary land fill depend on the size and method ofoperation
The most common equipment used in sanitary land fill is

  • Rubber-tired front and roller
  • Crawler tractor
  • Front end loader
  • Motor grader
  • Earth remover (scraper)
  • Drag line
  • Steel wheeled compactor

Transportation Equipment

Transportation Equipment

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