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Steel Specifications

Steel Specifications

Steel Specifications

Steel Specifications

The adequacy of a structure member which is a part determine by a set of tools called “Specifications”
There are different specifications which are as follows
1)     AISC ( American Institute of Steel Construction)
2)     AWS ( American Wielding Society)
3)     AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation officials)
4)     AREA (American Railway Engineering association)
5)     ASTM ( American Society of Testing and material)

Specific value of different live load

1)     Private apartment schools, class rooms

1900  Pa

2)     Offices


3)     Fixed seats, assembly halls, library reading rooms

2900 Pa

4)     Cori door

3800 Pa

5)     Moveable seats assembly hall

2800 Pa

6)     Whole sale store, light storage ware house

600 Pa

7)     Library stack rooms

7200 Pa

8)     Heavy manufacturing, heavy storage, ware house side walls and drive ways subjected to traffic


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