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Oral Presentations

Oral Presentation

Oral Presentations Depending on the purpose and delivery situation of Oral presentations can be formal/official or informal/unofficial/friendly, You can gave an oral presentation on anything like conference talk like press conference, a proposal to anything, any kind of report accordingly the working environment. To get the effective and positive response from the audience you should carefully planned your oral presentation according ... Read More »

7 C s of Communication

7c s of communication

7 C s of Communication The are followings 7 C s of Communication, by implementing these the communication will be more effective than ever (1) Clarity (2) Correctness (3) Conciseness (4) Completeness (5) Courtesy (6) Consideration (7) Creates a favorable Impression (1) Clarity  (7 C s of Communication) Definition Getting the meaning from your head into the head of your ... Read More »

Two Way Communication

Two Way Communication

Two Way Communication Communication may be one-way, when no reply is wanted or expected. For example, a public notice stating ‘TURN OFF LIGHTS’ is a command or an order which does not demand a response. However, if people do not like the message, they may respond by writing rude words on it! Most communications are two-way, with some feedback, or ... Read More »

Direction of Communication

Direction of Communicaiton

Direction of Communication Within the organization, the character / DOC varies according to whether it is going downwards, upwards or sideways. Sometimes the misuse of DOC can cause the failure of communication. Proper use o character of communication leads towards the effective communication. The DOC will be as under Vertically Downward Vertically Upward Horizontal/Sideways (*)The main uses of vertical downwards communication ... Read More »

Methods of Communication

Methods of Communication

Methods of Communication Effective communication skills are most essential now-a-days. Variety of methods of communication are used. Some are used mainly are Internal communication & External communication. further are discuss in them which are highly used as the method of communication. Internal Communication (Methods of Communication) Spoken Messages Advantages: Can provide instant feedback; opportunity for discussion. Disadvantages: Often costly to arrange ... Read More »



Communication Communication is simply a method of sending a message from one person or group of persons to another. It is of vital importance to a business because it involves all the persons and organizations connected with the business, employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, students, creditors, debtors and a whole range of people outside like the journalists, television reporters, tax authorities, ... Read More »

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