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Concrete “Concrete is a stone like material obtained by permitting a carefully proportioned mixture of cement,sand, and gravel or other aggregates and water also” The bulk of the material is consisting of fine and coarse aggregates. Cement and water interact chemically to bind the aggregates particles into a solid mass. Additional water, over and above that needed for this chemically reaction. Concrete with a wide range of properties can be obtained by appropriate ... Read More »

Factors Affecting Workability


Factors Affecting Workability There are the following factors effecting on workability of concrete 1)     Water content of the mix 2)     Influence of aggregates mix proportions 3)     Aggregates properties 4)     Temperature and time 5)     Cement characteristics 1)  Water Content of the Mix is a Factors Affecting Workability Water requirement is associated with Absorption by aggregate surface To fill the voids b/w aggregates Lubricating particles by separating them with a film of water. Fine aggregates with more surface area will have ... Read More »

Ingredient of Concrete


Ingredient of Concrete The main Ingredient of Concrete are cement; fine aggregates, coarse aggregates, water and/or admixtures both chemical & minerals. pozzolanic materials like fly ash, ballast furnace slag & silica fumes etc are called as mineral admixtures, where to increase the work-ability and slump for given w/c ratio is known as chemical admixtures. The chemical admixtures should compatible with cement used. Cement and pozzolanic materials are called mineral admixtures and they are grouped as compendious material and ... Read More »



Composite Composite construction is normally warranted when the cast-in-situ construction is very different, if not possible, more over composite construction is an automatic choice when the quality construction is not assured at site and speed of construction is decisive factor. So that the members are made some place else like factories or industry and then shifted to the site. Advantages ... Read More »

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