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Town Planning

Town Planning

Town Planning

Town Planning

Town planning is the planning and design of all new buildings, roads and parks in order to make them attractive and convenient for people who live there”.

Objects of Town Planning

The four essential objects of town planning are beauty, convenience, environment and health.

1) Beauty

The object of beauty is achieved by taking the most possible advantages of the natural conditions surrounding the town and also by giving the architectural finishes to the various components of town. it also include the preservation of trees, natural greenery. architectural control on public as well as semi-public buildings, ancient architectural buildings, temples, churches, mosques, buildings of cultural and historical significance, etc

2) Convenience

The object of convenience is understood in the form of various economic, social and recreational amenities to be given to the public. These amenities include cheap power and electricity, proper sites for industrial units, transport facilities, adequate power supply, easy disposal of sewage and industrial waste, facilities to commercial units, ets. The recreational amenities include open spaces, parks, town halls, playgrounds, cinema houses, community centers, stadiums, est.

3) Environment

The object of environment is important in the sense that environment should be moulded in such a way that man can go about his normal activities with the least amount of strain. The complex problems of the modern society such as tiresome travel to work, long hours of work, limited time spent within the community etc. have gradually led toward serious mal-adjustments between the human being and the type of life he had to live .town planning is mainly concerned with bringing about a better relationship between man and his environment.

4) Health

The object of health is accommodated in town planning scheme by making right use of land for right purpose. By providing parks and playgrounds for the public. By maintaining the pollution at lowest possible degree, etc it is achieved by dividing the land into zones such as residential, commercial etc.

It is however, necessary for the town planner to maintain a proper balance between the four objects mentioned above.

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