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Types of Building

Types of Building

Residental Building

Residental Building

The residential buildings may broadly classified in five categories as follows which may or may not further divided into types:-

  • Detached Houses
  • Semi-Detached Houses
  • Row of Houses
  • Apartments or Flats
  • Skyscrapers

The house may consist of a single treatment or a number of treatments. It should be noted that housing parlance, a tenement means a family unit. Each category to residential Building will now a briefly described

  • Detached Houses (Types of Building)

It is usually the tendency of any family to have a house surrounding by its own land. This has led to the formation of detached houses. The design of detached house can be made by considering the individual requirements of a family to be accommodated inn that house. Sufficient margined are left on sides, front and rear. It may also include amenities such as private garden, swimming pool etc. a detached house permits the highest form of residence and it is applicable at place where land prices are comparatively low.

  • Semi Detached Houses (Types of Building)

A common boundary wall in the form of structural barrier divided an independent plot into two units. Such a construction helps in securing many advantages of the detached type of houses and in addition, economy may be achieved by sharing expenses of common amenities such aswater lines, drainage line, electric cables, etc

  • Row of Houses (Types of Building)

For providing reasonable accommodation to the laborers or workers, a row of houses with minimum requirement such s living rooms, kitchen, may be constructed. It may be singled storied or two storied. It is preformed for the low income group of families

  • Apartments or Flats (Types of Building)

Due to tendency of migration by village population to cities, there is considerable rise in price of city land and hence it has it has become practically possible even for the higher class of society to have a detached house in a thickly populated city area. This has led to the conception of apartment of flats
An apartment or a flat consists o three to seven storied and each floor of story may accommodate two or four tenements

  • Skyscrapers (Types of Building)

The growing need of land and consequently sudden shooting rise in price of land in big cities further led to the conception of multi storied buildings or as they are popularly known as skyscrapers. As it always happens, the subject of skyscraper is divided in to two school oh thoughts. Some town planner favor the idea of skyscrapers while other do not agree on this point.

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