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Types of Computer

Types of Computer

There are the following of computer:-

  • Analog Computer
  • Digital Computer




Analog computer works with continuous values. Working principal Digital computer works with discrete values. It can work only with digits
It has very limited memory. Storage capacity It can store large amount of data.
It can perform certain types of calculations. Speed Its speed of calculation is very high.
Analog computer is used in engineering and scientific applications. Applications Digital computer is widely used in almost all fields of life.
Analog computer is used for calculations and measurements of physical quantities such as weight, height, temperature and speed. Uses Digital computer is used to calculate mathematical and logical operations.
Its accuracy is high. Accuracy Its accuracy is low.
It readability is low. Read ability Its readability is high.
Examples of analog computers are thermometer, analog Example Examples of digital computers are digital watches, digital weighing machines, mini computers, microcomputer, mainframe and super computer.
Analog Computer

Analog Computer

Digital Computer

Digital Computer


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