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Types of Failure

Types of Failure

Types of Failure

Types of Failure

There ate the following types of failure

i) Aesthetic Failure
Crazing and shrinkage, cracking of concrete or render.
a. Flaking or peeling of paint work
b. Bossing and spelling.
c. Chipped, dented or lipped floor, wall ceiling finishes.

ii) Functional Failure
a. Miss alignment of building components such as door and windows not operating
b. Lacks in elements such as roof walls and floor.
c. Sagging of floor.

iii) Material Failure
a. Chemical attacks of rendering mortar and bricks.
b. Fungal attack of timber.
c. Corrosion of metal.

iv) System Failure of Component and Elements
Carbonation of concrete leading to corrosion of reinforcement and subsequent cracking and spelling of concrete members.

v) Structural Failure
a. Subsidence (A downward movement of building cause by below ground factor) such as desiccation of clay
b. Settlement (A downward movement of building cause by above ground factor) such as overloading.
c. Cracking in wall, column and beams.
d. Buckled or twisted column, ties stud to beam.

vi) Non Structural Failure
a. Delaminating of roof tiles
b. Cracking and rebonding of plaster and rendering
c. Blistering and peeling of paint coating
d. Tenting, rebonding and bubbling of floor covering.

vii) Reversible Failure
Jamming of door and windows as result of moisture intake by these components such as in rainy season. In dry season they become unstuck.

viii) Irreversible Failure
a. Chemical reaction such as sulphate attack on mortar and rendering.
b. Excessive distortion in beam, slab, column or wall owing to structural movement.

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