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Uinvest Withdraw Issue

Uinvest Withdraw Issue

Uinvest Withdrawal Problems; the Crux of the Matter Revealed Warnig signWe felt a great relief yesterday when our source, which prefers to remain anonymous, unfolded the whole truth behind the Uinvest (UI) withdrawal issues. Though this truth was as well speculated and rumoured by some known blogs Admin, but as our tradition, we like to hear from the horse’s mouth. Why we choose to hear from the right source before voicing is to make sure we don’t pull down someone’s many years of effort. Even though UI didn’t help matters in this regards, they created room for rumours which some turn out to be the truth. Remember, there is no smoke without fire. Take it or live it, what we are about to tell you is the true state of Uinvest. It may not sweet but truth, like they say, is Uinvest Withdraw Issuealways bitter. Why the withdrawal problem in UI appearing unending? Amazingly, there is only one answer to that, said our source. Uinvest lost good sum of money to LR Closure: Yes, contrary to the statement issued by UI on the post LR closure, UI admitted losing cash to LR, our source said, when the demand for truth by top business owners became unbearable to UI. As a result of this, Uinvest started inventing systems that will enable them recoup some gains while strategically slowing down the process to meet up their target. What a foolish way to resolving issue, I must say. This has been the case and the reason behind the current withdrawal problem. This fact is not new to us but it is important to reaffirm it. pmnono: I think UI was rather too quick on their claim of not losing money to LR. It wouldn’t have hurt anyone if they admitted at the initial stage since no one anticipated such event. Or could it be because of this second fact or claim below? We didn’t allow our source to conclude on the first question when we throw the second question in and ask what will happen to Uinvestors’ money? We were so eager to hear the answer to this question and the answer eventually came. The answer was, “Investors Funds were insured”. We burst into laughter! How? We asked. Our source echoed again that investors’ funds were insured and that investors’ money is saved. Hmmm! We argued on this but I really didn’t want to bother much on that since I know what it takes. So the question now is, could this be the reason why UI came out boldly and swiftly to announce that they didn’t lose money to LR hoping to fall back on the so call insurance? Assuming that is the case, why was it difficult for UI to come out publicly and tell Uinvestors the truth rather than engaging them on unfruitful ideas and tricks such as AFP, FPFund, etc. which they know it won’t solve any problem. We demand that UI must apologize to her investors for all the unnecessary stresses and pains they inflicted on them by way of falsifying withdrawals’ solutions when there is, barely nothing to withdraw. They must be ready to put down their ego and swallow the bitter pie of humility. Now it is obvious that UI were lying to her investors. If they had come out plainly to tell the truth, I believe things would’ve been better. If UI cannot tell simple truth like this I wonder how many lies are piled up that investors are not aware of. If they continue to toe this path, I promise you they will be shutdown. This is my letter to Uinvest. If they want to contest this truth, I bet you I may be forced to dig out more.

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