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Water Budget Equation

Water Budget Equation

Catchment area

  • The area of land draining in to a stream or a water course at a given location is called catchment area / drainage area / drainage basin / watershed.
  • A catchment area is separated from its neighboring areas by a ridge called divide.

A watershed is a geographical unit in which the hydrological cycle and its components can be analyzed. The equation is applied in the form of water-balance equation to a geographical region, in order to establish the basic hydrologic characteristics of the region. Usually a watershed is defined as the area that appears, on the basis of topography, to contribute all the water that passes through a given cross section of a stream.

Water Budget Equation

  • For a given catchment, in an interval of time ∆t, the continuity equation for water in its various phases can be given as:

            Mass inflow  –  Mass outflow =        Change in Mass Storage

WB Equation

WB Equation

  • If the density of the inflow, outflow and storage volumes are the same:

Vi – Inflow volume in to the catchment
Vo – Outflow volume from the catchment
∆S – change in the water volume

Water Budget

Water Budget Equation

If a permeable soil covers an impermeable substrate, the topographical division of watershed will not always correspond to the line that is effectively delimiting the groundwater.

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