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What Happen to LR

What Happen to LR

We all wonder what happened to Liberty Reserve, it has been hacked, taken any legal action by the government. Let me also clear there is still no official news from Liberty Reserve or the most reliable source. Thinking on the Internet each and every one of the different points of view, some people find that the realization of freedom and penetrating, and said that made ​​some of the government and some of that LR fraud now believe.



Not the first time that Liberty Reserve is down, a lot of times that has happened before, with or without official announcements. In 2012, it was even their own websites for more than 7 days.

Will LR Shut down 

I have some friends in various forums, and one of them is very active in addressing the payment or exchange e-money stuff. Has some contacts next in Spain and Costa Rica. Even by his friends, he stressed that the news of the arrest of the owner of LR and LR men involved run, and confirmed by the local print media. The real news is the people. Not officially and not fully verified.

It is also true that the government of the United States of America have the eyes to the different payment methods and LR is on the list. Since these payment processors or not do under the MSP (Money Service Provider) case, so with these companies can be as money laundering.

Well on Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday, and a lot of businesses are closed on the weekend, I suggest you will just have to wait until Monday to confirm the news, the real story behind this.

What Will Be the Future of LR

At the moment we can not predict anything until we know the real story behind this. No one knows, it is allowed to go back online, but with the new rules? LR officials hire good lawyers and get back on the Internet?
You can go back online, but prevent most accounts or hold the majority of the accounts and leave some open? Who knows.

I do not know if I did not go for good or LR, but what I do know is that I also loss some amount of money, not only me, but millions of other users, and the loss of the heat exchanger of millions of dollars and I think no one can make any claims if they have only a time machine.

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