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Window XP is one of such operating system and is a part of the Ms Windows family that includes Windows 98, Windows 2000 etc. Windows XP looks very much like windows 98, but it includes significant improvement compared to window 98. Window XP is advanced formed of window 2000, combined with Windows NT Technology with the Windows 98 graphical user interface, window XP is high performance secure network client computer and corporate desktop operating system that include the best feature of MS Windows 98.
As you gather form the name, the Windows XP environment is heavily focused on a window, which is rectangular areas in the screen, that present information.
You open windows when you need and close when you don’t need them. Individual window can be resized and moved around the screen.
Windows XP use small graphical pictures called ICONS on the desktop to represent objects such as documents, application, folders, devices and other computers.

Icons often also have text labels to help make their purpose a bit clear. If you move the mouse over an object on the desktop or in a window and click a right mouse button, Windows XP display a menu with the objects common commands. Many Windows application use this same convention called a CONTEXT MENU or RIGHT CLICK MENU.

Features & System of XP

Window XP is one of the widely used operating system in the world. It provides the facility to develop and deploy serves more quickly with the help of wizards. In Windows XP environment, computers on the network can be configured more swiftly. It is very easy for the system administrator to manage this kind of network. It provides centralized management services to manage the network. The main features of Window CP are as follows.

  •  Windows XP provides latest hardware technologies and peripheral support including multimedia devices, wireless devices, smart card and many more.
  • It provides the services to work with printer, storage devices and other hardware application installation.
  • Windows file protection, protects system file form being over written by application installation.
  • It ensures that non-certified drives cannot be installed, which protects your system form malfunctioning.
  • The internet technologies in Window XP, let computers to connect with each other, share information, without compromising confidential data.
  • It provides service to build and manage internal networks and expand operation onto internet.
  • Windows XP has a strong development platform support for Dynamic HTML behaviors and XML
  • Stand by turns off your computer and monitor after a pre-determined time, while retaining your desktop on disk.
  • Offline viewing makes entire Web pages with graphics available for viewing offline. Synchronization Manager allows you to compare and update your offline files and folders with those on the network.
  • SmartBatterygives you’re a more accurate view of your battery’s life, enabling you to reduce power to specific functions to extend your battery’s power.
  • Setup Manage provides a graphical wizard that guides administrators in designing installation application.
  • Window XP offers 50 percent faster performance than Windows 95 or Windows 98.
  • Windows XP can support up to 4 GB of RAM and two symmetric multiprocessors

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